Revolutionary treatment of the decade, cryotherapy induced lipolysis is the fat freezing procedure clinically proven to reduce stubborn fat cells from target areas on the body.

Lipolysis is the breakdown of fats and other lipids. Cryotherapy induced lipolysis uses a cooling technique that freezes the fat cells in the targeted area, transforming them from a liquid to solid state. After exposure to the cold, these fat cells became terminally damaged and die over a period of time, also referred to as ‘apoptosis’. The fat cells then break down into smaller particles which are disposed of naturally and safely through the body’s lymphatic system and gone for good.
Results can be seen as soon as three to four weeks although most dramatically in the following two months.

‘Cryolipolysis’ is a concept that was founded by Dr Rox Anderson and Dr Dieter Mainstein based on the condition ‘popsicle panniculitis’ which is related to the loss of fat in the cheek area of a child after eating an ice lolly. Extensive research concluded that fat was more sensitive to cold than muscles, nerves and skin and an optimum temperature could be used to maximise the destruction of fat cells while leaving the surrounding structures unharmed.

Lipo Aesthetics uses the advanced technology of the 4 handle vacuum system which allows multiple areas to be treated at once, therefore reducing the procedure time. It also boasts an innovative preheating mode to accelerate the blood circulation and procedure effectiveness prior to cooling the area. The degree of cold applied to the tissue is pre-programmed and based on an extensive client consultation. Manual lymphatic drainage is performed post treatment to encourage the elimination of toxins.

Benefits of cryotherapy induced lipolysis
  • Clinically proven

  • Excellent results when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise

  • Non-surgical and no ‘downtime’

  • Non-invasive and minimal discomfort

  • No or minimal side effects

  • Contours the body by safely and effectively freezing away stubborn fat

  • 4 hand piece can work simultaneously on multiple areas for optimal results

  • Targets and kills fat cells, once eliminated are gone for good

  • 1 hour treatment, normal activities can be resumed post treatment

  • Approved as the safest and most effective method of reducing stubborn areas of fat

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